End-of-Life Announcement for the Crossfire Gasifier

We regret to inform you that the Crossfire Gasifier product, developed by the Off Grid Pro team, is no longer available for purchase. We hold great pride in our accomplishments, and were able to break new ground with our innovative approach to converting water and charcoal into energy.

Off Grid Pro is shifting focus, and will be shifting our focus to bringing readers the best information in the field of alternative energy, sustainable living solutions, regenerative farming, homesteading, and the makers, tinkerers, and professionals involved.

We hope you join us in our new endeavors!

C2P Gasifier is Coming!

Stay tuned for a link to the highly-recommended, and much anticipated C2P Gasifier. This gasifier will effectively replace the Crossfire Gasifier, but at a substantially lower price.

Archived Page

We will be leaving our old “home page” up for historic purposes. You can view it here: Crossfire Gasifier.

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