BTU Energy of Cord Wood

The Energy Content of Wood Species

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energy content of various wood speciesMethod of Calculation: A Cord is defined as a tightly stacked pile of wood with the following dimensions: 4′ x 4′ x 8′. This volume (128 cubic feet) contains an average of 85 cubic feet of wood and 43 cubic feet of air. Each pound of wood contains 8660 BTU’s, but with well-seasoned firewood at 20% moisture, only 6200 BTU’s are available… Read More

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Non-Woody Biomass Gasification

Gasification with Non-Woody Biomass

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In a recent proposal, the Off Grid Pro team crunched some numbers and created an infographic, outlining one potential energy model, using non-woody biomass as the material. In this particular case, a horse farmer has a need to handle 3.5 tons of horse manure each day. Additionally, he averages 150kW / day in electrical usage. This model illustrates how that manure can be pelletized and pyrolyzed into gasifier fuel.

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