BTU Energy of Cord Wood

The Energy Content of Wood Species

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BTU Energy of Cord Wood

Method of Calculation: A Cord is defined as a tightly stacked pile of wood with the following dimensions: 4′ x 4′ x 8′. This volume (128 cubic feet) contains an average of 85 cubic feet of wood and 43 cubic feet of air. Each pound of wood contains 8660 BTU’s, but with well-seasoned firewood at 20% moisture, only 6200 BTU’s are available.

Example using Osage Orange: 57 lbs/cu.ft. x 85 (cu.ft./cord) = 4845 (lbs/cord) x 6200 (btu/lb) = 30 (mbtu/cord)

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Non-Woody Biomass Gasification

Gasification with Non-Woody Biomass

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In a recent proposal, the Off Grid Pro team crunched some numbers and created an infographic, outlining one potential energy model, using non-woody biomass as the material. In this particular case, a horse farmer has a need to handle 3.5 tons of horse manure each day. Additionally, he averages 150kW / day in electrical usage. This model illustrates how that manure can be pelletized and pyrolyzed into gasifier fuel.

Although it doesn’t completely offset his 150kW / day usage, it certainly reduces cost. A 3-gasifier system would cover the total energy needs, with charcoal (biochar) to spare.


MeetUp map | Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness MeetUp Groups

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Perhaps one of the best venues for community interest is MeetUp. Local people can get together and organize themselves around a hobby, an ideology, and topics of interest. Of course, with regards to Off Grid Pro, the emergency preparedness topic is of much relevance, and we stumbled upon a great list of MeetUp groups that share our thoughts on survival, disaster preparedness, and of course, off grid living… Enjoy!

Emergency Preparedness MeetUp Groups:


Alternative Power for Permaculturists

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Troy Martz from Off Grid Pro discusses appropriate alternative energy technologies based on biome, climate, and context. This interview was conducted prior to his talk at the Permaculture Voices Conference (PV2) in San Diego this year, entitled, Alternative Power for Permaculturists.